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Brand Positioning

“You don’t merely want to be considered to be the best of the best, you want to be considered the only one who does what ...
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Brand Story

Customers care less about real facts of your restaurant, more likely they do the narrative that those facts create form of story. Once the branding ...
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Brand Personality

Brands and personality have a great bond and are attached to each other.  Celebrities have unique personalities that lead them to gain and have their ...
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The Brand Promise

You don’t want to have a “business”, you want to have a “cause”. Restaurant branding requires you to have a promise that is reflected at ...
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“Design is a visual expression of thought.”

The first thing to think of when designing is to ask “why” before execution.  Design is not just something looks pleasant to the eye.  Great ...
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What you need to know about Opening a New Restaurant

It becomes a nightmare when speaking about statistics on restaurant failure rates. Restaurant business is a very expensive and risky business to do. To start ...
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The Art and Science of Menu Engineering

Creativity is the first thing that is related directly for everything that goes in the restaurant. The chef is like an artist that is basically ...
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