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Dach Coffee

«A small concept of Lebanon in the highway of Qalamoun» — A statement that is most common to the people who visit Tripoli. And it’s not really A surprise, because the creator of the concept was done by Mr Houssam Chouman from The Hospitality Development Company.

DACH COFFEE — «the fast & casual coffeehouse», At Dach Coffee, we are passionate about providing high quality products and fast delivery services.

The menu also includes sandwiches and salads. The interior was created within the same concept of Dach itself: simple, functional & “delicious”

DACH COFFEE takes up small space. All the staff members are always in sight: cooks, barmen, cashiers & runners. There’s a practical uniform for both summer and winter that is different for all the teammates. Like most of the interior foundations used for the coffee shop, the signboard was made of marble. We decided to combine marble with a dash of copper to achieve a contrast in-between the material. Over time, the copper will be covered with patina so the signboard will get a more “live” look. In a small area, it’s not easy to create a functional, ergonomic space so we tried to make use of every inch.

DACH COFFEE often pleases the guests with seasonal or new dishes. We also have developed a modular, mobile menu for more practical access. Nameplates were made of magnetic vinyl and it’s easy to change and install them on a metal base. It is not about the quantity here. It’s all about the quality.

When you reach Qalamon, you will be passing by plenty of restaurants & cafes but we will make sure that Dach Coffee will stand out because.