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About Us


Our Approach

A Universal & Integrated Hospitality Approach

Hospitality Development Company by Houssam Chouman works alongside senior directors of the world’s leading hospitality companies to help them make significant improvements in their hospitality performance and solve their most complex challenges.

Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise. HDC works to fully understand your thoughts and objectives, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest food trends, we grow markets and concepts in every service category and cuisine.

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Who We Are

We provide leading restaurant and hospitality companies around the world with solid solutions to a complex problem Our Mission

First milestone in the road to success starts with possessing a successful vision to be a leading hospitality consultant by creating unique, traditional and out of the box business opportunities. To offer complete business proposition from conceptualization to execution to place adequate process to offer optimum sales platform and finance control for making.

Hospitality: making your guests feel like they're at home
Our Goal

The best way to approach a goal is to first break it down into very small bite size steps. Each one of these steps should lead logically to the next step to be completed in a linear order. Ultimately, we are here to help you find the best path that leads your restaurant to success.

Committed to advancing the hospitality industry
Our Values

We are forthright in all our relations with customers and service providers. We trust that this pushes us to fineness and modernization. We are constantly up-to-date with our concepts and designs. We respect our customer’s values and beliefs and want to leave them with an inimitable experience.

Keep your vision exciting, challenging, and purpose-driven
Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our clients in every face of the restaurant industry for success. We provide highly personalized consulting services to hospitality corporations, independent restaurant groups, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs who are planning the development of their first or next restaurant concept whether full service, fast casual or hybrid.

Our aim

Imagine, articulate, and realize a compelling vision of the future

We support investors to have their own brands. We develop their ideas and execute them. We do concept design & branding. We work on theme costing and development. And we make sure to stay up-to-date and well engaged in social media.

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