Chocolate Society Lounge is a pioneering concept which promises consumer and supreme savoring chocolates alongside a wide variety of cocoa ingredients and an attractive diversified menu full of enticements and temptations. The lounge itself is designed in a fashion that reflect the senses and passion of a true chocolate lover! It symbolically designates a world perfectly designed for definitive chocolate aficionados of all ages. The milieu within the Lounge is impeccably structured to enable each and every customer to share their passion and love for chocolates with the people who mean the world to them. We promise you a nostalgic ambiance and a classical sense of style and elegance leaving you with a unique, cherished and unforgettable experience.
C-53 is set out to be the most fast & fabulous diner available for car lovers. Residing in the ​heart of the city, c-53 is a family diner. with its cozy sofas, bar stools & vintage vehicle-inspired interiors, this diner shall be the first of its kind to provide the best diner experience in the region!​ TAGLINE: C-53: Fast Casual Dining (Est. since 1953)​
For a majority of people around the world, Italy is synonymous with pasta, pizza and wine! Well, they are not wrong. As famous as Italy is for its master artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, it's also equally well known for its delicious cuisine. So, when in Italy, plunge yourself into the mouthwatering foods because you don’t get Italian food like they make in Italy. A confluence of cultures Italian cuisine has a unique identity today. However, this cuisine has actually evolved from several other cuisines including ancient Roman, Greek and Etruscan cuisines. Over the years, the cuisine has adopted different ingredients and cooking styles and evolved into something very distinct. For instance, some of the most popular ingredients, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, maize and potatoes used in Italian dishes were introduced only in the 18th century.
Al Darawandy Personality is an old traditional Lebanese Character and title earned upon open heart hospitality and generosity. A well known person at town who's familiar with all town resident and do favors to all asking nothing in return with time he will be acting like a town chef and friend to all regular customers. During people visits to his shop an open beverage and untold stories steel people time and imagination. Their food and beverage services is so perfect and welcoming all to his life style and personality.
At Swiss ’N Cheese, we proclaim to bring you the best of Switzerland in Qatar. With our authentic Swiss flavours and exquisite dips, this restaurant is more than just a place to eat good food. It is an experience that brings pots & people together! ​ Right from the first piece of bread to the last piece of dessert, with our finger-licking fondues and delicious varieties of cheese, Swiss ’N Cheese is your premier fondue restaurant where everything Swiss must not be missed! TAGLINE: The House of Fondue​

Artista is a place for all art-lovers, where they can unleash their creativity and feel completely at home, while enjoying good food and a good atmosphere. Mixed with a raw, in-process look, the French- English cuisine would be a beautiful rustic outlet for people of all ages - artists & non-artists, where they can have a delicious meal in an artsy ambience. ​ Through their regular interactive creative activities, Artista provides an experience for every visitor and is more than just a regular coffee shop. By engaging its customers beyond the culinary angle, Artista welcomes every customer into a world of creativity, alongside leaving them with a memorable experience and a lasting memory!​

Zahr W Zaytoun
The purpose of this project is to establish a traditional Lebanese restaurant, a retailer for traditional Lebanese homemade foods, and a catering service for events and special occasions. Zahr W Zaytoun will be offering an exclusive ambience dedicated to create a ‘togetherness’ feeling among all families that come to dine in the restaurant, by offering a wide range of variety on its menu and emphasizing on freshness and homemade traditional shepherd recipes. Moreover, Zahr W Zaytoun will be retailing many homemade Lebanese products in the restaurant, and will be offering catering services for remote sites and other locations that hold events. All three services will be supported by the main kitchen situated in a private location, along with the restaurant having its own mini kitchen. The restaurant will be located in Qalamoun High way with a total indoor space of 164 m² and terrace space of 84 m² with a mezzanine of 38 m². Moreover, the project will be fully operated by Hospitality Development Company By HOUSSAM CHOUMAN. Zahr W Zaytoun will be located in Qalamoun, Tripoli, Lebanon. One benefit of being in a busy area (highway) is the availability of a significant amount of foot traffic. Lebanese cuisine will offer traditional Lebanese food in well-presented plates, and Very good service, the waiters will be very friendly and efficient. Then eventually become longtime customers.
“Sometimes food is just about the finer things in Life.”​ - ANONYMOUS​ Fwala is a concept that offers customers the best of both the​ local & international market by serving pure local food with a delicious Western touch.​ By working with local talents and using home-grown ingredients,​ Fwala prides itself on being 100% Qatari. Today’s young well-read local population have adventurous tastebuds and a keen taste for the finer things in life.​
Slider hub
It is not about the quantity it is about the quality, reaching Qalamon passing by plenty of restaurants only one will take all your sight because when speaking about development you’ll only remember Hospitality Development Company By Housam Chouman. The origins of the burger are much debated, with variants appearing in the early 1700s and ‘Hamburg steak’ made popular in 19th-century. Everyone likes a burger now and then, that's absolutely fine. Sliders Hub is a place where you can have the best burger with its fixings, potato and shakes, a place in which everyone should feel satisfied, and tasting the best quality of food. The juiciness and the unusual toppings of the burgers makes you feel at home. The idea was to create a casual dining theme at our burger restaurant. With the touch of red to open your appetite. Making you feel comfortable and at the same time updated by the new and colorful taste of burgers and shakes.
dach coffee
«A small piece of Lebanon in the highway of Qalamoun» — it’s the most common phrase of people who visit Tripoli. And it’s not surprise, because the creators of this place is HOSPITALITY DEVELOPMENY COMPANY BY HOUSSAM CHOUMAN . At the same time, we started to create corporate identity, because it was necessary for the corporate identity and the interior to be one and complement each other. DACH COFFEE concept is — «fast casual», something between a fast food and a restaurant. First of all, the most important things here are high quality of products and fast delivery, that's why it was decided to leave in the menu only Sandwiches and salads. Interior was created within the same concept: simple, functional and «delicious» DACH COFFEE is a small place with a completely open space. All staff are in sight: cooks, barman, cashier, runner. Specially for each position, sensible uniform (summer and winter variants) was created Like many interior elements, the signboard was made of marble. We decided to combine marble with copper inserts to achieve a contrast between the materials. Over time, copper will be covering with patina, and as a result, the signboard will get a more «live» look In a small area, it’s not easy to create a functional, ergonomic space. We tried to use every centimeter. DACH COFFEE often pleases the guests with seasonal or new dishes, so we developed this modular, mobile menu. Nameplates were made of magnetic vinyl and it’s easy to change them and install on a metal base.
Farida restaurant and garden
It all started with my love affair with Hospitality Industry which begun at the young age of 17 years old where I absorbed the art and the power of the relationship exchange between the earthy elements and each of their individually unique At Farida it all begins with our love to serve our guests a cuisine that has been created from scratch with heart and passion .Farida invites you to live the sophistication of the Lebanese lifestyle in XIX century where You will enjoy a luxury meal, in a typical Lebanese castle, the dining room the diwan,the sitting room and the terrace, decorated ceiling and impressive chandeliers, that creates the classic style .
Torino Steakhouse, we serve exclusive Prime beef sourced from the country’s top sources. All of our steaks are hand-butchered daily in our kitchen and prepared to your taste preference. Our fresh prime beef delivers exemplary tenderness and flavor. Steaks we are proud to present as, “The Best Steaks on Earth”. Torino Steakhouse offers a truly original and vintage Steakhouse dining experience. From the proverbial hand-muddled Bourbon Old Fashioned to our house specialty Escargots de Bourgogne, down to our traditional steakhouse cuts, we genuinely take our guests back to mid-century dining style. Torino Steakhouse won Best Steakhouse in Bahrain and best newcomer Steakhouse ( 2016 ) by the Bahraini Review-Journal readers.
هيلة يا رمانة
MADELEINE chocolate lounge is launching today its first chocolate lounge with its unpredictable chocolate taste and along wide range of coco ingredients attractive mixed menu full of temptations that will melt your passion like no other. You can be sure to enjoy the MADELEINE chocolate lounge cuisine but imagine tasting it within a space that reflect your senses your feeling along you enter a new world perfectly designed of classic chocolate , elegant sophistication's , what would you ask more .
Frutti is a juice bar , delivering much more than fruitful and colorful environment ''Frutti '' is and address to a healthier lifestyle.and where the deliciousness meets healthy and nutritious.
"Rosetta" is a coffee shop, delivering much more than coffee and taste. "Rosetta" is a place with a simple touch of art giving the coffee a new meaning and taste. "Rosetta" is a common type of latte art. Latte art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern (Rosetta flower) or design on the surface of the resulting latte.
Fish N Chips
Started out as a dream of two young Americans - Sami Elzein & Houdhaifa Kouider,, and their love for Pizza, Hoody's is set out to be an edgy, cool and classy casual diner. Having been created for the young and hip working class, Hoody's is for the people looking to grab a quick bite in a mediocrely priced yet chic ambience. Hoody's speciality lies in bringing world-famous New York pizzas & Chicago buffalo wings to Qatar. Apart from its cuisine, Hoody's casual dining will also have an edge over its competitors, because of its exquisitely designed mechanical engineered interiors, that enable customers to have a unique dining experience.
Hotdogs & more
The Hot Dogs & More Kiosk is a vibrant place serving a delightful meal, preserving in its design and content the spirit of the street. And our mission is To create much more than a meal after strolling, a tasteful and a tempting experience.
The Cupcake Factory
Aimee’s is a place for dessert lovers. With its expertise in French Eclair, Aimee’s provides an exquisite variety. Exclusive in nature, apart from its delicious flavor and taste, Aimee’s aims to wow its customers with its dessert designs and interiors.