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Hospitality Development Company by Houssam Chouman works alongside with senior directors of hospitality companies to help them make significant improvements in their operations and solve their most complex challenges.

HDC works to fully understand your thoughts and objectives, whether developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation. With a pulse on the latest food trends, we grow markets and concepts in every service category and cuisine.
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Our Mission

First milestone in the road to success starts with possessing a successful vision to be a...

Our Goal

The best way to approach a goal is to first break it down into very small bite size steps...

Our Values

We are forthright in all our relations with customers and service providers. We trust that this pushes...

Our Vision

Our vision is to serve our clients in every face of the restaurant industry for success...


What we Offer

Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process that connects your vision with our experience and industry expertise.
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Concept Branding & Design

Marketing & Promotional Strategy Employee Training & Development Theme Costing...

Restaurant Design & Development

HDC is an expert in the field of Hospitality concept ...

Concept Creation

At HDC, developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative ...

Menu Development & Recipe

HDC’s team of culinary experts has created thousands of menus and ...

Branding & Brand Development

Successful brands are built on a unique point of differentiation ...

Operations Assessment

HDC often equates an operation’s assessment to “take a look ...

Restaurant Turnaround

The most successful companies in the world could face trouble ...

Opening a Restaurant

HDC knows how important it is to ensure restaurants are ...

Hospitality Management

HDC understands that to help an operation meet or exceed its goals, it is critical that the right management team is in place.

Restaurant Operators

The business life cycle includes a lot of stages and every stage goes through a unique set of challenges and opportunities.


Company culture is very important when delivering an integrated operation that is understood, lived and delivered. It all starts with management.

Restaurant Training Programs

Restaurant training should be considered a tool at every restaurant industry to increase both sales and profit.

Restaurant Consultant, Expert, and Speaker

Our founder and chief strategist, Houssam Chouman, has served as a CEO confidant and senior advisor to industry leaders with many locations and hundreds of managers and employees in their downstream influence.

In addition to leading Hospitality Development Company, he has owned and operated restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and retail specialty food concepts. Chouman has operational and executive experience in several key sectors of the food service industry, including restaurants, airline and hospital food service, and high-volume sports stadium/airport concessions. Among many other positions, he has served as CEO for The Restaurant Group and also for The Hospitality Group, Managing Partner for several concepts. Directing the largest airline catering and ground services hub., he was able to stabilize this high-profile profit center by turning $2 million in annualized losses into sustained profitability within eight months of taking charge. Chouman has served on numerous boards and has spoken at numerous institutions on the subject of hospitality.

Spearheaded by some of the most experienced and versatile talents in the country, Houssam has covered an extended education in hospitality development,

hotel investment and business economics. He has acquired various diplomas in project and change management as well as strategic marketing. With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality sector, he established three companies in Doha, Qatar (Bahamas Hospitality) and in Beirut, Lebanon (Hospitality Development Company & The Consultant).

The Consultant’s culture is loyalty-based and focused on retention. We understand the importance of growth, accountability and hard work to communicate on all levels. We know who we are and what we believe in. We value our commitment to meet all promises made, whether to customers, associates or owners. Strong work ethics, natural trust, close teamwork, professionalism and continuous endeavor for improvement of quality are some of the prime guiding principles of our corporate philosophy.

We look forward to parenting with those who share the same passion, commitment, values and long-term growth objectives to participate in our future success.

We are passionate about helping those going into the business to do it right and helping those in the business to do it better.

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