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Corporate principals

Our principals are to build a highly reputed brand for Street food (Food Truck dinning concept) and proper SWOT analysis for the F&B market.

Our main clients are from 18 to 65 years old we are targeting to have a proper material to be served as per the inter¬national parameters.

Regarding the F&B quality we are not targeting normal grads but we are looking forward to compete international brands as we are looking forward to be franchised and branched in more than one area Starting by the ME targeting the whole world.

Corporate Philosophy

Any company can sell Product X or provide Service Y, but what differentiates you from everyone else in your field is our company philosophy. A company's philosophy is a distillation of its culture or ambience into a group of core values that inform all aspects of its business practices. Having a strong company philosophy is a good way to guide your employees at decision-making crossroads, but it can also be a strong branding tool, and generally make your workplace more congenial.


Roads is a contemporary street food concept that aims at introducing new flavors and twists to the usual comfort food that customers are accustomed to. Our intention is to present a completely new and fresh customer experience where by tasteful bites of food from different regions of the globe can be enjoyed in a casually laid out setting or in the convenience of the customer's vehicle.