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Digital Revolution in the Hospitality Industry

With the rise of a digitally connected, constantly online world presents new challenges for the restaurant. A casual negative comment from a dissatisfied customer could ...
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The importance of Refreshing your Brand

No need to start from the beginning in your restaurant if you are facing a problem. There are several ways to make these changes in ...
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Restaurant Design & Interior

Matching form and function is the key to a positive experience. Creating an inviting atmosphere in a restaurant is very important to be able to ...
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Three ways to get immense impact on Restaurant Customer Experience

Three ways to huge impact on Restaurant Customer Experience When speaking about restaurant’s success, the first thing that comes to our mind is food. Usually ...
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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Franchise?

Franchising is known to lead to either success or failure. The most successful restaurants are known as to franchise either fast food or quick service. ...
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5 Marketing Tactics from Popular Hotels

There is a great competition in the hotel industry and how fierce it can be. It requires them to become very creative including the marketing ...
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Simplify your menu – It works better!

Nowadays it’s complicated to create your menu and have your own signature. Restaurants have lacked the ability and discipline to simplify their menu. Menu engineering ...
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Startups and Restaurant Operations

The ones who have developed dozens of prototype or opened hundreds of locations can struggle to make the decision of the grand opening.  It requests ...
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